Pre-orders closed~! by salis
October 19th, 2010, 3:58 pm
So pre-orders for Hotaru t-shirts officially closed last Friday! And thanks to all you guys who pre-ordered, we've reached our goal of 15~!!! Wahoo!!! \(^O^)/
I'e already placed the order at a t-shirt printing company, so our Hotaru t-shirts should be arriving in just a few days! (Man, I can't wait to wear mine! >w<) From there, I'll be personally packaging them and sending them out to you guys the next day along with your free Hotarugari buttons!! And a Hotaru sketch will be given to those lucky few who got their pre-orders first! <3 All those who have pre-ordered will be getting an e-mail from me the moment your Hotaru shirt has been sent.

But don't forget! Hotaru t-shirts will still be available for purchase! However, stock is extremely limited and sizing is now from S to XL only.

Thanks for supporting this comic, everyone! Seriously, you guys are the best! I'll be spending the rest of today working on the next page of Hotarugari just for you, so look forward to the next update! ^v^


Also, heads up for my new 4-panel comic exquisitely titled, My Life Is A Joke! Updates will be a bit sporadic and it's more of a sketch comic intended for my own personal entertainment, but you're all welcome to check it out! There's not much up there now, but I'll try to have some more jokes up this week.


- Thanks, Profanity! You're like, one of the sweetest fans I have! ;u; Your comments are always so nice. Oh, haha, no, there isn't a comment button on purpose. I really didn't think anyone would actually comment on my scribbles, and even if anyone did, I'm so busy replying to all the comments I get on Hotarugari, (both on SJ and DA) that I wouldn't have time to reply to those too, so I thought it best just to remove the comment button altogether. But I'll put it back in if you want. XD Thanks! I'm glad you like the comic so far. <3

ChiakiAida - Thank you my dear~! You're so sweet! Although My Life Is A Joke won't be updated as regularly as Hotarugari, I hope you'll enjoy it! >w<

Cherri - I'm so happy too! I just can't wait until the shirts arrive! And thank you!! It's just a little sketchy comic, but I'm glad you like it! The main character is a tomboy named Alice, and yeah, haha, getting to college feels like such an achievement until you realize it's just like school but harder. >w>;
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Profanity00 October 19th, 2010, 5:21 pm
Hi Salis! I'd just like to say that I checked out your new comic and the art is very cute and all. For some reason, I can't find the button to post comments though! Is it just me? Lol, or is there really no comment button? Thanks!

~Your fan, Profanity <3
ChiakiAida October 20th, 2010, 7:10 am
Ohhh~Congratulations on the pre-orders!>w< Ohhh and I've also checked your new webcomic and is just so nice already and funny XD *v* I will watch both of your webcomic and see how cool will they get = ω = Even your scketches are really awesome ~( ゚ ω ゚ )~
October 21st, 2010, 6:39 pm
all right! im happy you met your goal! and you're new comic is great. is the main character a guy or a girl? either way she/he is very likeable lol. bet we all feel like screaming that when we go to college the first day.